Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Macbeth Movie Essay

A. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.” - The Three Witches
Act:1  Scene:1  Line: 12

B. This quote is at the end of a discussion between the three witches. This starts of the play. The witches are evil beings, who control everything and know the future. They have this meeting to figure out when they would meet Macbeth and give him news that would change his life. The witches mess with Macbeth and they confuse him and they make him believe whatever they want. Here the witches use this quote to put and end to their conversation and descend off into the distance.

C. During the film, this scene was very appealing to watch. It was a dark scene with cracks of light flowing through. The witches voices had a nice echo to it which was a nice touch, it really gave it a scary feeling to it. The camera was still and locked onto the witches who were standing over the dead body. The camera angle was eye level and the shot was a medium shot. The shot included the three witches standing over a dead body that they just riped the heart out and begin to say the quote in a chant simultaneously. The witches walk towards the camera and the camera begins to zoom out slightly.

D. I think that this scene was intense and scary. The witches are portrayed as monsters in this scene. They kill this made on the medical bed, and stand all around him and chant and begin to rip out his heart. This scene scared me and made me nervous to what this film had in store for me. I believe the witches are evil and are doing all this to mess with people and to ruin lives just because they can. The witches mess with Macbeth’s life and ruin it. I see the witches as the puppet master. Someone who holds all the strings and makes their “puppets” do whatever they want them to do.

A. “Were such things here as we do speak about? Or have we eaten on the insane root that takes the reason prisoner?” - Banquo
Act:1  Scene:3  Line: 85

B. This quote is during a conversation between Banquo and Macbeth right after the three witches tell them their future. They speak about their predictions that they were just given and how Macbeth would be king and that Banquo’s descendants will be king one day. Macbeth is threatened by this, because this means he will be taken down and his thrown will be taken. These predictions sound crazy to them and Banquo says the quote about how crazy the predictions are. I believe they are both trying to process what this all means and are taken away by it. Macbeth is excited and interested in the fact that he is going to become king but he has no idea how. Banquo is probably confused about how Macbeth will become king, and also how his descendants will also become king.

C. During the film, during the scene with this quote, Banquo and Macbeth walked into a dark room where they first meet the three witches. The scene was very dark and had a soft music in the background. The camera movement was zooming out on Banquo and Macbeth walking. The camera angle is at eye level and Banquo and Macbeth were wearing army uniforms. They were walking and talking during the scene.

D. I think this scene was intense and it really stood out to me. I was confused by the three witches and just creeped out by the entire movie so far. This scene was strange, Banquo and Macbeth just walk into this giant room that is dark with creeks of light showing, and the three witches are just standing their. I believe that this scene is creepy and strange to say the least. The witches are strong characters in this movie and definitely have a spook factor to them. The way they chant is scary and they are just scary people in this movie.

A. “Out, damned stain! Out, I tell you! One o’clock, two o’clock. Well, then, it’s time to do it. Hell is dark.” - Lady Macbeth
Act:5  Scene:1  Line: 30

B. This quote Lady Macbeth is arguing with the doctor on her current health status. Its is no surprise that killing those men has affected her well being. Lady Macbeth is going crazy, she cant fail asleep and she is getting really really sick. Lady Macbeth is scared because her own well being is being questioned. She is going nuts, she is holding this giant secret inside herself and it is affecting here day yo day life.

C. During the film, the scene this quote took place in was dark and loud and in your face. Lady Macbeth is freaking out to what I can only describe as a lady who is drugged up. There is little lighting in the scene and the camera is zooming out and changing angles. The scene is eye level when she is near the sink. There is a soft noise in the background and lady Macbeth’s face is the focus of the scene.

D. I think this scene was very in exciting and very jumpy, especially when Lady Macbeth screamed. The scene is dark and kinda scary. Lady Macbeth looks crazy here, she looks like someone going through withdrawals and it creeped me out. I think this scene shows how taking someones lives can have such a big impact on your mentality. She is going insane because she knows that her hands are the things that killed Duncan and her hand will forever be spotted with the blood that she took from him. She starts thinking how Duncan had a wife, and that could be her next. I believe she now knows what she did was wrong, but its to late to fix anything now. This pent up secret is not letting her sleep and function normally. It really gets to her and causes her to kill herself.

A. “Though Birnam wood be come to Dunsinane and thou opposed, being of no woman born yet I will try the last. Before my body I throw my war-like shield. Lay on, Macduff, And damned be him that first cried “Hold, enough”!” - Macbeth
Act:5  Scene:8  Line: 35

B. This quote takes place during the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. Here Macbeth knows that this is his death coming for him, however he keeps fighting even though he know from his predictions from the three witches that he will die here. Macbeth was so powerful and cocky that he thought he was invincible and that nothing could stop him. However, after all the witches predictions came true, he knew that immortality was not in his playing cards and that he would be killed that day.

C.  During the film, during the scene with this quote, Macbeth and Macduff are having a fight scene with guns and knifes. The room was dark and there was a soft noise in the background. The camera was switching camera angles and it was zooming in and out and panning side to side, following the fight. There were guns and knifes being used and they fought in the dinning room.

D. This scene in the movie was very interesting to watch. Fight scenes are always fun to watch in a movie. This one had an awesome knife on knife fight at the end. However, I did not like how Macbeth just stopped and the three witches appeared out of no where. I threw me off and I did not like it very much. I will remember this scene because Macbeth was killed and be headed and held up like a trophy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Siddhartha Essay

I woke up with excitement on what to someone else would be just a regular November day. However, to me, this day was special. Today was the day my pen-pal Siddhartha would be flying in to come visit me in the United States. He had never made a trip to the states before and I was up to the challenge to make sure it was the best trip ever. I made my way to the airport to pick Siddhartha up. Once there I had my sign with his name written on it and wait for his arrival. Once I saw him I waved him down and finally introduced myself in person.
“Hey, Siddhartha, its nice to finally meet you!” I said.
“It’s nice to meet you in person as well Casey.” Siddhartha replied.
We then drove back to my home town of South Hadley where I had a packed day planned. However, first after a long plane ride, Siddhartha wanted to take a quick nap, so we made our way to my house. As we arrive I introduce him to my family, and get him situated in the guest bedroom. After a long nap, I grabbed Siddhartha and drove him to one of my most favorite parts of South Hadley, the Connecticut River. As I drove down to the Marina, Siddhartha looked very intrigued.
“Are you the ferryman of this river,” (pg.101) Siddhartha asked.
“No, not at all, I do not even own a boat. Here at the Marina, many people own boats where they keep them docked here and take them into the river. I love the river and I think its the most peaceful place in town. I took him on my neighbors boat which I borrowed for the day. I took him out into the river and he quickly grew accustom to the river.
“This river reminds me a lot of a place in my home land that I once traveled on. (pg.53)
However, being on this huge motored powered boat isn’t the same as that Bamboo boat.”
I then had a thought and brought Siddhartha to the roof floor. Here we sat in comfy chairs and meditated. Time flew by, and before we knew it, the sun was setting. Sitting on the river looking as the sun falls behind the mountains is one of the best sights in the world. It took Siddhartha breath away. As we called it quits on the river, I drove the boat to land and headed back to my home were we both spent the night. We had to get a good nights sleep for our big day tomorrow. For tomorrow we would be flying to Las Vegas!
We both woke up extra early to head out for our flight to the Sin City where I would show Siddhartha how Americans have a good time. After we caught our flight and landed, we jumped in our limo that I ordered to take us to Caesars Palace, where we would be staying in one of their pent houses. As we drove by all the bright buildings, Siddhartha’s eyes were popping out of his head. He could not believe what he was seeing. All of the giant buildings, all  the people walking around, all the traffic, and all the entertainment. After stopping by our luxurious room, we decided to hit the tables and try out our luck at gambling. Being the nice guy I am, I gave Siddhartha $1000 to us as starting money. After losing half of it, he actually started getting the hang of the whole betting thing. After winning his money back, he was not done there. Siddhartha ended up tripling his money and decided to call it quits. With the extra money, we bought dinner and saw a show. Then we hit the night life. We entered a club which was crazy. There were people everywhere, there was a dance floor, a DJ, crazy lights, strippers, and bars. Siddhartha was totally out of his element. So instead of joining me on the dance floor, he decided to take a seat near a stripper, where unlike most men there struck up a conversation with the girl. After a while I became nervous and got him away from here as fast as I could. Siddhartha was upset with me.
“Casey, what is the meaning of this, I was in the middle of a conversation with a beautiful girl!”
“Sorry Siddhartha, but I’m afraid if that conversation got any longer you might have got billed.”
“But she seemed so nice, she reminded me of Kamala (pg.45).
“Yeah, and if any of the other girls saw the money that you won tonight, they would have loved to have a conversation with you too.”
Siddhartha Soon became annoyed with all the commotion so we headed back to our pent house.

When we awoke in the morning, we had our full share of what Las Vegas had to offer. We both decided that even though that the Sin City is exciting and adventurous, that it just isn’t us. Siddhartha and I both agreed that our time spent relaxing on the river back in South Hadley was much more suiting to our personalities. So after we all were packed up, we made our way back to the airport, where we said our final goodbyes and headed back to our own homes. Spending my couple days with Siddhartha was something I would never forget.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

College Essay

Hockey is one of the most important things in my life. As long as I can remember hockey has been “my sport”. Hockey had always been a huge part of my life, however when I reached high school my love of hockey grew exponentially.

My freshmen year I broke my leg on the second day of school. I couldn’t play hockey till 2 weeks before tryouts for my high school team. I started skating and after tryouts, I ended up only making JV. I took it as a challenge though, my leg obviously needed strengthening, I could barley skate on normally. The whole season I payed my dues, helping Varsity with anything they needed, did anything the coaches asked of me, and became apart of the team. When playoffs came around, our team was a low seed, however, we beat the best teams to go one and win our schools second Western Mass. Championship in 30 years and the first ever State Championship. The ride was amazing and something I would never forget. I used that and the mockery of my classmates said that I sucked at hockey as motivation that summer to become better than I have ever been, and I did just that.

The next year, during tryouts, my leg was 100% and I was ready to go. That year I made Varsity. That season I scored my first Varsity goal and accumulated a total of 3 points. That season we went 18-1-1 going into playoffs and we were the first seed. I was hoping on everything that we would go on to win states again so this time I could be apart of the experience. After winning our second Western Mass. Championship in a row, we ended up losing in the State Championship game. It was one of the worst days of my life. But I took this lost as motivation once again to work harder and become a crucial player. That is exactly what I did. Over the summer I went to a 2 week overnight hockey camp and trained. I wanted to make sure I was 100% ready.

My Junior year I was ready to go. During pre-season I played great and people were talking about how much I had improved. When try-outs came around, I stood out, coach noticed me and after the first day came up to me and told me he wanted me to get a regular shift this season. I was feeling good, I was put on a line with 2 captains and was ready for my breakout year. That season was just that, I played great, I ended the season with 5 goals with a total of 10 points. Two of those goals against our toughest rivals in a game that we almost lost. When playoffs came around, we were once again 19-1-1, and was the first seed. Playoffs this year was crazier than the past 2 years. Our goal from the beginning was to 3-Peat in Western Mass. And we did just that. In the most exciting game I had ever played in, we defeated Agawam for the second year in a row at Western Mass. in a 3-2 game. It was unforgettable, the rush I felt was like no other. They scored first but we came back to tie it going into the 3rd. We ended up taking away the game with a late goal with three minutes left in the game. After this amazing win, we took that momentum to the State Championship, where we won 3-0 in a memorable game. Finally winning that State Championship was a highlight in my life and after all the hard work I put into hockey, it finally paid off.

College Essay

High school is where people change from being a kid to becoming an adult. This means you are faced with choices and you are allowed more freedom. For most high school students, these years is when the first get a turn at drinking and smoking. Now into my senior year, I can proudly say, that I, Casey Baker, have not fallen to pure pressure and have kept myself above the influence for my whole high school career.

With this being said, I am not a loner who has no friends nor social life, however I am one who stays clean and has enough will power to say no to alcohol and drugs. While almost everyone I know and go to school with has dabbled here or there with ether of the two, I have stayed strong and have keep away from such threats. It hasn't been an easy task to accomplish, with pure pressure and the feeling of fitting in being a strong thing to over come, but it became easier when I figured out I can have fun without all of that.

When I was younger, after spending a day at elementary school, I would then go to the YMCA after school program until my mom would get out of work. Their, I would meet someone who had a giant impact on my life. My councilor Tyler Scheinost, lived a life above the influence. He told me all about how he was able his whole life to keep above the influence and never drink alcohol or take drugs. He inspired me to stay clean my whole life and to push to stay true to myself and try to be the best me possible. From then one, before I even understood what alcohol even was, I decided I would stay true.

Now in my senior year of high school, I still have the same look on the topic. I stay strong and stick with what I believe in. I think its something special to say that you have stayed above the influence for your whole life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Reading Essay Comment

1. After reading Bobby’s summer reading essay, I think Bobby did a great job mashing these two stories. Mixing the Kite Runner and Frankenstein is no easy task, but Bobby seemed to do it in a way that worked. I like the way he used the setting to make the characters meet up with one another. I could imagine the pub they walking into and how they both didn’t fit in with the locals.

2. I believe that Bobby’s best setting he used was the pub that the two characters met up at. They both stuck out at this English Pub where they were looking for something to eat. They both stuck out like sore thumbs. “ I followed the smell to a pub where once inside I could tell I didn’t belong but not knowing where else to go took a seat and waited to place an order. As I waited I looked around and noticed just one other man that didn’t fit the description of the regulars here.” I think this quote really made me able to picture the pub and imagine his hunger.

3. The conversation between the two characters seem pretty authentic. However, at some points in the essay it did seem awkward and didn’t seem natural. But I think Bobby did the best he could with the story and he did a good job putting it all together.

4. One thing that bothered me is that I think Bobby jumped over an sentence or idea. When the character walked into the pub, he sits down and looks around. Then out of no where he saids he decides to walk up to some guy and talk to him. I like Bobby’s paper, and I didn’t even realize it until I read it again. Bobby’s mind must have been going to fast for his fingers.

1. After reading Pat’s summer reading essay, I think Pat did a great job mashing these two stories. He took two characters from each story and used on of the setting for the characters to met. Pat did a good job at this, but it seems like it could use some work.

2. I believe Pat’s best setting in his story was the car that his characters drove in to Arizona. It was the most detail setting in the story. I think Pat missed out on creating images in the readers head by not describing his settings enough.  “as the drive continued a cloud of silence fell upon the driver the passenger and the silent baby sleeping in the backseat.” This is the only deceptive sentence in the whole essay.

3. The conversation between the two characters in Pat’s essay seemed to flow nicely. I thought it could have been added to a little and had a little more detail but it seemed like a good job overall.

4. One thing that really bothered me in Pat’s essay is that his intro seemed to talk about the novels. I think that takes away from the essay and Pat should have jumped into the essay without a character explanation. Except for that, I thought Pat did a nice job writing this essay.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Things They Carried Assignment

The Things they Carried: Martha’s letters, her good-luck pebble, photos of Martha, mosquito repellent, marijuana, pocket knives, chewing gum, extra rations, girlfriend’s pantyhose, tranquilizers, compress, two-pound poncho, tent, M-16 assault rifle, ammunition, grenade launchers, memories

1. If I was a part of the Alpha Company, I too would being plenty of tangible items along with me on the journey. Just like them, I would bring photos of memories.I would being mosquito repellent, pocket knives, chewing gum. Also a two-pound poncho, a tent, plenty of weapons, ranging from riffles to pistols to grenade launchers. I would also bring a sleeping bag, a hunting knife, a compass, plenty of medical gear, fresh water, and plenty of memories.

I would being these items on my journey with me because I feel like they are necessary. Photos of memories are important to keep your spirits up. I would bring mosquito repellent to keep the bugs away. Knives to cut up food or defend myself, also id bring chewing gum because I constantly chem gum. I’d have a poncho and a tent to keep myself dye and have a place to sleep. Also bring a compass so I don’t get lost and I’d have medical gear to keep myself healthy.

2. If I was a part of the Alpha Company, I too would being plenty of intangible items along with me on the journey. I would bring all my memories of my family and friends. I would bring my knowledge of outdoor survival techniques. I would bring my common sense and my life experiences with me on my journey.

I would being these items on my journey with me because I feel like they are necessary. The memories of my family and friends would help me keep my spirits up and know that I am working for something real. I would bring my knowledge of outdoor survival techniques because it would be very useful in these kind of situations. I would bring my common sense because with it I can figure things out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Fever

      Today was the day. The day that I finally got to leave this horrible place and get to leave “her”. By her of coarse I am speaking of my devil of an aunt. But todays the day, I get to leave and move to the states. Im finally going to school! All the way to Permian High School in Odessa, Texas! I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! Questions just started running though my head all day. “Would they like me?” “Would I fit in?” “Should I play a sport or join the band?” “Is this a mistake?” All these questions would stay in my head until the fist day of school. When that day finally came, all of my questions got answered for me. School was like nothing I had ever experienced before. There were so many kids, small kids, big kids, fat kids, skinny kids, loud kids, and shy kids. The thing I quickly learned about the school was that almost everyone was white. There were white kids everywhere! I think I counted enough black kids to keep track on one hand. Another thing I noticed about Permian High was the school as a whole was obsessed with football. Football was everything at Permian High, Football players were celebrities. Girls would carry football players books to class just for recognition by them. And what football was to guys, cheerleading was to girls. If you wanted to be anything at Permian High, then you cheerleading was the only way to get it. So when cheerleading tryouts turned there head that fall, I decided to tryout. They run those tryouts like a boot camp. I now have a level of respect for cheerleaders I never had before. Those tryouts were one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but it all payed off, because when I was given my pompoms, I knew I had made it at this school.

The football players at Permian High are godly to the rest of the school. Guys such as Boobie Miles, Jerrod McDougal, Don Billingsly, Brian Chavez, Mike Winchell, and Ivory Christian were immortal in these hallways. The first home game of the year was coming up, and our star player, Boobie Miles, got hurt during a preseason scrimmage. Boobie was the most cutest guy I have ever seen. I needed to talk to him. So during one football practice I faked an injury during practice and got sent down to the trainers while I knew Boobie was there. And just as I thought, there he was, the most popular guy in school, and he was in the same room as me! “Hey.” what was that sound? Wait, did Boobie Miles actually just say hi to me?! “Are you talking to me??” I said.
“No the ice machine behind you, yes you hahaha, you new? Whats your name?” Bobbie said.
“Yeah, my name is Jane EyreI, I just moved to Odessa last month.” I answered.
“Nice haha, so what you down her for babe?”
Oh my god, did the Boobie Miles just call me babe?! My heart started pounding and I didn’t want to mess this up, I couldn't afford it.
“Oh nothing, I just pulled a muscle during cheer practice.” I said.
“Oh a cheerleader huh? Thats cute.” He responded.
“Haha thanks, its going to be hell to walk home later today.” I told him.
“How about I give you a ride home, how about that, two cripples helping each other out” he told me.
“Yeah, that sounds great.” I responded while blushing.
“All right, lets head out then” he said as he grinned. “Here let me grab your books” He picked up my books and stuck his hand out at me, I blushed and looked at him, he looked so confident. I grabbed his hand and walked out of the school to his car, this would be the start to a great year at Permian High School this year.